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Nylon: Closet Collective

On average a woman will spend a year of her life just deciding what to put on because they "have nothing to wear". So we created the Closet Collective app that will help digitize your closet so you can get dressed and on your way.

Nylon Magazine is entering the digital space. With a new app, users are able to create digital closets that allow them to trade, share, and add new items. Using AR, you're able to scan real-life items and add them to your closet as well. 

Build your virtual closet by taking pictures of outfits, using your phone or the new Amazon Look. As you add items, tag them so they're easier to find.

When you're tired of wearing the same clothes the same way, you can look for inspiration by seeing how other people are wearing stuff you already have.

If you're going out, but still have no idea what to wear, shout out on the Clothes Call for some immediate advice.

When you find the perfect bag, but have to wait till your next paycheck - it's no problem; just scan and add it to the Future Closet and grab it later at the best price around.

Ever see someone wearing the perfect heels, simply, snap a photo of them with the Match-Tag feature to find out where you can get it or something similar. Just don’t get caught

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