Netflix and Pill

Newly prescribed opioid users don't actually know just how easy it is to become addicted. We wanted to bring opioid addiction to light through binge watching and show how easy it is to become addicted. In a campaign split into two parts we partnered with Netflix to create and market a new show, Pill, but once the show was released the true message would be revealed. 

A poster campaign would push the awareness of the show, including quotes from critics to drive positive word-of-mouth.

On the Netflix home page is a new category called, "Can't Stop", which highlights the most addictive shows and the episodes that hooked people into binging each series. 

When the show appears on Netflix users will quickly realized that the show isn't a fictionalized show at all, but a documentary series centering around people who have suffered from opioid addiction.

After the reveal of the documentary series the out of home marketing changes to reflect the new series.

© 2020 by Ryan Cerutti