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Glade Scented Candles

Glade scented candles are often associated with cheap smells and unpleasant situations. To put it plainly, their current identity stinks. To help change this identity we created the candles for a purpose, with you in mind.     

There is a scented candle problem in this country. They're usually relegated to the bathroom, leaving a nasty association and forcing a portion of the market to only think of scented candles when they're trying to cover up a stench. So we developed Inscentives–the new reason to buy a scented candle, whenever you need a little extra olfactory reminder to do what you need to do every day. 

Stress Relief




Life Will Go On

Blanket Cocoon

Personal Spa Day

So Done Right Now 

Cram Sesh



In The Zone

Parents In Town


Saturday Night In

Get The Party Started

Bills To Pay

Independent Woman

Apartment Makeover

Leg Day

With a new category on the website, users will be able to discover which scent they would need most. 

Social Media to promote the individual Inscentive categories.

Out of home marketing to showcase the individual Inscentive categories and scents

To Launch, Glade hosted special events in five major cities, like Yoga in the park. To promote the events we invited lifestyle bloggers on sites like, Refinery 29 and Betches, to participate. 

The "wait to buy" candles are equipped with a heat senheat-sensitivesitive chip that will automatically order another candle for you before your current one fully extinguishes.

Have friends or family who need some incentive as well? With a subscription box, you can share your secret to success. Or, just keep those incentives coming to you every month.

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