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To help Fla-Vor-Ice regain its dominance for the ultimate summer treat we tapped into the thrill of pop groups from the nineties by creating our own band. Now, they are ready to tour America, bringing back the raddest retro pop around.

Meet Fla, Vor, and Ice the pop trio that we'll use to propel Fla-Vor-Ice back to the nineties.

To launch the band will debut their single music video in front of the summer's biggest blockbusters.

To partner with the launch the band's album will be released in CD form to those movie patrons. Don't worry, if you don't have a CD player anymore you can use the Spotify scan code to listen digitally. 

Forget the ice cream truck because these custom Corvettes — driven by the band members — will be stuffed with Fla-Vor-Ice, promoting their album and Fla-Vor-Ice at special summer events across the country.

A new custom cover to the Fla-Vor-Ice packaging will introduce the band to the freezer section. 

The pops' will have a special throwback hotline number, with a modern twist. Chat with your favorite band member via text bot and see what they have to say. 

Catch Fla-Vor-Ice performing on the big stage, in person or live on Facebook in a concert for the ages. A Fla-Vor-Ice bar will serve special mixtures custom from each band member.

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